Do you close for weather emergencies?
As a general rule, if Plymouth Public Schools are closed due to a weather emergency, then Performance Pediatrics will be closed as well. During a weather emergency, it is a good idea to keep your family at home and off of potentially dangerous roads. As long as there isn't a power outage, we will be able to call you prior to your child's appointment to reschedule for a better time.

Can I get a note for school/work?
As far as Dr. McAllister is concerned, perfect attendance awards are the enemy of sound public health policies. When children are sick they should follow the school's guidelines, often found in the school's parent handbook, and stay home from school when warranted.

Most of the time, when the parent decides to keep a child home from school, it is not appropriate for our office to write an excuse note. Not only is it a tremendous administrative burden  to do so, but ultimately it wasn't our decision to keep the child home (it is the parent's decision).

There is another significant issue, however, with parents who keep their child home when symptoms do not warrant it (again, refer to the school's parent handbook). At Performance Pediatrics we believe that all children should attend school, whether public, private or homeschool, on a regular basis. If your child is missing a lot of school, please contact us so that we can rule out any treatable physical or behavioral health condition that may be interfering with your child’s learning and development.

When you have an appointment in our office, we will print a generic letter that states the patient had an appointment on a specific day. If the parent wishes to share diagnoses or other protected health information with the school, for example a flu diagnosis, parents have the option to print a visit summary from our secure patient portal and share it with whomever you wish. After you log into the portal, select the child's name to enter the child's chart, and then select the Patient Information tab, and click on the Visit History bullet.  From here you can print complete visit summaries including diagnosis. "Office Visits" or sick visits and follow-ups are listed first, "Check Ups" or annual well exams are at the bottom of the page.

How do I obtain a copy of my child's health record?
If you want a copy of your child's medical records (or for patients 18 and over), please submit a completed Record Request Form to us along with payment (if applicable).

Portal users can access most medical records online. It is our policy that schools, camps, sports teams and daycare centers accept our standard medical form in lieu of their form. Patients, parents and legal guardians are able to access our standard school/camp form via the secure patient portal. On the portal, select the child's name on the home page, go to the patient information tab and follow the forms link. (NOTE: The Portal will no longer be accessible after January 27, 2018)

Can my children's babysitter or grandparent bring them to an appointment?

Yes. Please see our Proxy Policy on the About Us page and complete the form.

Do you take credit cards?
We are happy to take credit cards (American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover). We also accept cash and checks.

What does FAAP stand for?
The FAAP designation after a pediatrician's name stands for Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Pediatricians who maintain their FAAP designation have obtained board certification in pediatrics and made an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning and advocacy for children.

Who took the photos in your office and on your website?
Local professional photographer Jack Foley took the wonderful photos of our providers and patients. Learn more at

Do you have resources for families without insurance?
The Massachusetts not-for-profit Health Care for All has helped a number of our families to find free or low-cost insurance (depending on family income). You can also try the Massachusetts Health Connector, an independent state agency that helps Massachusetts residents find health insurance coverage at low or no-cost for people who qualify.

What should my child wear to an appointment?
It is always best to wear, or bring, a pair of shorts and loose fitting t-shirt or sports bra to your appointment. In order to do a thorough exam, the doctor needs to be able to see your body and to see how it works.  For example, a knee injury: The doctor needs to be able to see the knee you hurt as well as the other knee to compare them. He needs to be able to feel the joint, and he needs to be able to see the joint move.  In addition, he will need to see and examine your hips because at times hip injuries can cause knee pain. If the doctor cannot perform an appropriate exam in the clothing you are wearing he may have you change into an exam gown.

Do you allow families to elect alternative vaccine schedules?
The vaccine campaign is truly a victim of its own success. Because of vaccines, many families have never seen a child with polio, tetanus, whooping cough, bacterial meningitis or even chickenpox, or know a friend or family member whose child died of one of these diseases. Such success can make us complacent about vaccinating. But such an attitude, if it becomes widespread, can only lead to tragic results.

While Dr. McAllister firmly believes in the safety and effectiveness of the CDC's recommended vaccine schedule, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends pediatricians continue to treat non-immunized children in the medical home as it is important that they receive routine care and they have a safe place to continue to discuss vaccinations.

If you have questions about vaccines, please read our vaccine policy, vaccine billing policy and refusal to vaccinate release form. At your child's appointment Dr. McAllister will review the policies and form with you.

How do I get a flu vaccine for my child?
Follow this link to learn about 2017/2018 flu vaccination at Performance Pediatrics.

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