Dear Performance Pediatrics Families,

Thank you to the great many of you who have contacted me to wish me well as I transition from solo provider in Massachusetts to employed physician in Nevada. I am so grateful for your kind words and will work hard over the next two months to ensure you have all transitioned smoothly to the new provider of your choice.

Key dates to keep in mind:

  • December 22, 2017: My goal for knowing where each patient will transfer. For families who have already contacted my office, you are all set!
  • January 26, 2018: The last day I’ll see patients in the office. As of 5 pm on this day our office will close including our afterhours line and the online patient portal. This is also the last day to request the free record transfer summary to a new provider, although there will be a form, mailing, and payment instructions for how to obtain records after we close posted on

Clinically speaking, I am comfortable with all the area’s pediatricians and family practice providers and would not recommend any above the others. The big change for our patients will be that most other practices are quite busy, some seeing 20 to 30 patients a day (I currently limit my day to 10 – 15 patients, although this will be changing for me when I move as well).

Here are some online resources for researching area providers:

  • Your Insurance Plan’s Website


When you pick a new provider, keep a few key issues in mind: Cost, Acceptance, Insurance, and Timing.

Cost: We are happy to send a transfer summary, one free of charge per patient prior to closing, to the new provider. You can call us or send a portal message with the new provider’s mailing address. The summary has everything that I would want before seeing a new patient including the latest well exam, growth chart, labs, and the most recent specialist note. If you want more than that, or if you want a copy for yourself, you must complete the record request form found on our website and send it to us with $15. Portal users should download any records you want for yourself prior to transferring.

Acceptance: We’ve had a few families request records only to find out that the doctor they picked is not taking new patients or is not in their insurance network. We ask that you confirm your registration with the new doctor prior to requesting the records.

Insurance: Over the past several years we have seen several families choose us only to realize later that I wasn’t in their insurance network. Double check with your insurance provider that the physician you choose is in your network.

Timing: When you request the records, let us know if you want to transfer right away or when we close on January 26. Once you transfer, you will not be able to schedule appointments at Performance Pediatrics and access to our secure patient portal will end. For patients who are not due for a well exam or other routine follow-up prior to January 26, we recommend that you transfer as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a part of the Performance Pediatrics family! I loved my years here and wish it didn’t have to end.

Be well,

Terence R. McAllister, M.D. 

Through January 26, 2018

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Plymouth, MA 02360


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