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Mission: To support our patients as they fulfill their individual physical, developmental and emotional health potential through medicine, education and example.

We cherish the privilege of watching our patients as they grow. Children perform each and every day: They perform physically, academically and creatively. As their primary care provider, it is our job to make sure that they are achieving appropriate milestones, adopting healthy habits and weathering any illnesses they encounter in their young lives.

Performance Pediatrics is a small primary-care practice. You may have heard the term "micro practice" in the media. This term describes practices like Performance Pediatrics: One or two providers who work without medical assistants. The providers in micro practices see fewer patients a day than most doctors and spend more time with each patient.

Although micro practices are similar to high-cost concierge practices, we do not charge a membership fee. It is important to note, however, that although there isn't an annual financial fee to be part of Performance Pediatrics, we do have a number of strict policies that all patients must follow. It is the best way we know to meet the needs of all patients.

We hope you find our website helpful and informational. For medical emergencies, you must always call 911 first. For appointments or for established patients with urgent medical questions, 24/7, please call our office at 508-747-8277. Established patients with non-urgent requests (prescription refills, school/camp forms, etc.) please contact us via our secure patient portal.


Administrative personnel are available to answer your calls weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Holiday and other closings are posted on our Facebook page. When we are on the phone, all calls go directly to a voice mail system. This system is checked every 15 minutes during regular administrative hours. Families are welcome to leave non-medical messages on the voice mail system when we are closed.

Urgent Care by Appointment Only/No Walk Ins
Performance Pediatrics is open by appointment only and cannot accommodate walk-in patients. We leave an adequate number of appointment slots each day to accommodate urgent-care needs. Our policy is to see patients with urgent-care needs the same day they call provided they call at least 2 hours before we close. It is best to call the office as early in the day as possible for an urgent-care appointment. When one of our medical staff members speaks with patients it is determined through triage how soon a patient needs to be seen.

Routine Exams
We schedule routine well and follow-up exams up to 14 weeks into the future. In order to give our established patients priority, we contact families via email or text 2 - 3 months before an exam is needed so that parents can book one of our popular after-school or school vacation appointment times before they fill up.

Telephone Policy
When you call with medical questions during regular practice hours, it is important to us that your questions are answered as soon as possible. Over 85% of calls to medical staff (we track and calculate) are returned within one hour. It is our policy that a medical staff member returns all calls within three hours of the call. Please note that administrative personnel may assist you with non-medical issues only. All medical questions must be addressed by licensed medical staff.

After-hours Calls
We are fortunate to share call with the pediatricians associated with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Plymouth. When we are closed, a trusted colleague is available to speak with families on the phone or, if need be, see them in their office.

For established patients, Dr. McAllister or a trusted colleague is available by telephone when our office is closed at 508-747-8277. Please use this service with respect; it is available for families with urgent and/or semi-urgent questions and concerns only. After-hours average response times for emergency calls are under 5 minutes, less than 10 minutes for urgent calls, and within 30 minutes for all other calls.

Prescription Refills
Prescription refills requests should be requested via our secure patient portal. If you do not have Internet access, you may call or fax in refill requests during regular office hours. Please allow 3 business days for all refills. We cannot refill prescriptions on evenings, weekends or holidays. Our fax number is 508-747-1147.

Requests for Forms or Letters for Schools, Camps and Daycare Centers
Our policy is to provide our standard medical form and not fill out forms designed by schools, camps and daycare centers. Patients, parents and legal guardians are able to access our standard school/camp form via the secure patient portal. On the portal, select the child's name on the home page, go to the patient information tab and follow the forms link.

Many patients and parents request that we provide a note to medically excuse patients from school and/or work. In most cases this is not appropriate. Review our Requests for Notes for School and Work policy to learn more. We encourage you to share this policy with schools.

If you require a special letter for a school, camp or daycare, contact us. Camps and daycare centers are not covered entities under HIPAA. Under state law, we can release certain information to school nurses, but there are limits. For this reason, most information will be released only to the patient/legal guardian and not directly to the school, camp or daycare center. Alternatively, you may complete our standard record release form and submit it with payment if applicable. Current law gives us up to 30 days to comply with completed forms.

Consent by Proxy Policy
Minor-aged patients are often brought to the pediatrician for medical care by someone other than their custodial parent or guardian. These surrogates can be members of the child's extended family, such as a grandparent or aunt. In cases of divorce and remarriage, a noncustodial parent or stepparent may accompany the patient. In some instances, a child care professional (e.g., au pair, nanny) brings the pediatric patient for medical care.

When you need a surrogate to take your child to an appointment at Performance Pediatrics, please complete the Consent By Proxy For Non-urgent Pediatric Care Form. The surrogate must submit this form as well as their driver's license to our receptionist prior to being seen. As long as you do not list a time restriction on the form, you do not need to complete a new form if the same surrogate brings your child(ren) to Performance Pediatrics in the future.

Other Policies
The links below will bring you to our remaining office policies. It is important to note that this web page and the policies below are subject to change.

Scheduled Appointment Policy
Referral Policy
Patients’/Parents’ Rights & Responsibilities for Care Coordination
Notice of Privacy Practices
Financial Policy
Well-Child Services Policy
Routine Screening Policy
Vaccine Policy
Vaccine Billing Policy

Adolescent Privacy Policy

School, Sports & Camp Forms Policy

Separated and Divorced Parents

All policies will be printed for families upon request. If you have any questions about our practice or the policies posted on our website, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. McAllister or Leann DiDomenico, our administrative director.

Partnering with Families through Childhood Milestones

Performance Pediatrics

Vision: To establish lifelong healthy habits in childhood.

The Performance Pediatrics Vision guides our practice in all decision-making tasks. We work with patients and their families to address a child's entire primary health care needs. Our whole-child concept addresses a child's physical, developmental and emotional health.

Our logo embodies this vision with the soccer ball representing physical health, the graduation cap representing learning and developmental health and the music symbol representing the capacity for emotional expression and behavioral-health needs.

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